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24th June 2019 
HSP Walk & Talk #01


At Growing Unlimited we are mindful of the fact that clients benefit from a variety of interventions, treatments and support. Some HSPs new to the trait find it extremely useful to spend some time walking in nature with an HSP who has a few years experience of assimilating authentic sensitive living and with whom they can have conversations, ask questions or simply walk peacefully whilst attuned to the surroundings. Walk and Talk sessions take place as and when needed, last about an hour and the commitment is one session at a time, payable in advance.

If you would be interested in using this service, do please contact us here for a day and time that is mutually convenient for you and your Walk and Talk mentor BOOK ME IN. The fee per walk is 30 and concessions are available for those on benefits, un-waged or low-waged. You can pay using the Nochex button at the bottom of the home-page, or by Paypal (email for details). Once booked, the cancellation fee is 10.

HSP Walk & Talk #02

Our 'Walk & Talk' HSP mentors

Our HSP Walk & Talk mentors are sensitive individuals who have been assimilating information and practicing authentic sensitive living for a number of years. This is an ongoing journey, so although they may be further along than you, they will tell you that they are very much still learning and growing. Here are Alan and Caroline who have something to offer in different ways. Both Alan and Caroline are popular, much-loved and long-time members of our Hampshire HSP Meetup and we are delighted that they have offered to support our Walk & Talk service.

As you might expect, HSPs come to discover or integrate their sensitivity via a variety of paths. Alan has been through much personal growth and assimilation of his trait in the last 10 years. Like many highly sensitive men, he did not grow up in an environment that encouraged his natural sensitivity. He experienced a great deal of anxiety and developed a number of self-destructive and negative responses to the pain and conflict he experienced within himself. Things spiralled downwards, but ironically, it was whilst finally serving a custodial sentence over a decade ago that he actually found himself in an environment that provided a safer space, time to reflect and contemplate and to read and educate himself. He was able to have the inner space and clarity to look for a way of life that would bring him peace of mind, healing of deep wounds, self-confidence, nurturing relationships and recognition and appreciation of his core sensitive Self. Gradually, the gentle, highly intelligent and emotionally sensitive Alan emerged. Alan's dedication to personal development and his strength in persevering against all odds is a credit to him and the strength and wisdom he has accumulated puts him in good stead to gently mentor and inform in the Walk & Talk session. Alan uses walking, reflection, meditation, yoga, movement and humour to explore a variety of topics around sensitivity.

Caroline has been assimilating her HSP trait for many years and has overcome numerous illnesses, injuries and toxic situations to make her journey towards being a more authentic and self-aware HSP. She is naturally spiritual and is nurturing a fledgling creativity. Caroline adores being outdoors, cycling, being with animals, walking and photographing nature, so Walk and Talk is second nature to her. She also leads HSP group walks for our 'Growing Unlimited Hampshire HSP Meetup' two or three times a year and these are much enjoyed by our members.

NB: Do remember that although our HSP mentors have very interesting backgrounds, the time they spend with you will not be to talk about details of their stories, but to encourage you to explore areas of sensitive living that you find challenging and to encourage you to find a way to further enjoy the joys of being sensitive and simply being you. They are not counsellors, but fellow HSPs who might make your journey feel less isolated and more pleasant and fulfilling. Please be as respectful and gentle with them as you would like them to be with you :)