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6th May 2021 
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Are you easily overwhelmed by strong sensory input? Do other people’s moods affect you? Are you very sensitive to pain? Do you sometimes get so frazzled that you have to go off somewhere by yourself? Are you moved by art, music? Are you conscientious? Do you startle easily? When you are with a large group of people, do you tend to go off into your own thoughts, or need to go somewhere quiet instead? Do others' feelings affect you deeply?

Do you need more sleep than others? Do you sometimes react differently to medication or the amount, than others? Do you find the labels in your clothes too rough on your skin? Do you get rattled when people try to get you to do too many things at once? Do you have a rich, complex inner life? Have people called you ‘too fussy about heat/cold/food/noise/pain’ or ‘too sensitive for your own good'?

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If your answer to these questions is 'yes', then you may be one of 15%-20% of the NORMAL population who have a more finely tuned nervous system and who experiences the world a little differently to others. However, you may have grown up with this being reflected negatively to you by those who do not understand.

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'Sensory Processing Sensivity' has been researched over many years by Elaine Aron, author of 'The Highly Sensitive Person' (click here to buy this book). Take the self-test at hsperson to see if you are experiencing life as an HSP; Elaine also has a very informative collection of articles on her website (also see 'Comfort Zone').

Barbara has been working with HSPs in a therapeutic setting for over 20 years and has developed knowledge and techniques for helping HSPs to transform their way of experiencing themselves from surviving to thriving. She founded the National Centre for High Sensitivity in 2010, you can view it here..

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One meeting a month, alternating Saturday mornings and Thursday evenings - 5 on the day in Andover, further events can be seen at in the Events page.

Following our successful pilot meeting in September 2008, we have continued welcoming anyone who knows or suspects that they may have a highly sensitive nervous system. This is a relaxed, friendly information meeting, but not a 'therapy group'.


Following enquiries and requests from HSPs over the last several years from all over the UK and Europe, we are delighted to announce the launch in August 2010 of the 'National Centre for High Sensitivity'. The aim of this centre will be to provide links, information, education and services for HSPs and those who come into contact with them as professionals, employers, service providers and so on. This is an ongoing development which will grow organically through funding of services by HSPs themselves and in the future, donated funding for such a vital resource.


We offer workshops on Sensory Processing Sensitivity for PROFESSIONALS - If you would like to have a workshop in your area, do contact us with any ideas of venues and interested colleagues so that we can create a workshop for you.

Here is a brief interview with Dr Elaine Aron, where she describes some of the joys and challenges that HSPs face - these are among issues discussed on the Introductory Workshops : )


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If you are new to the concept of High Sensitivity, consider spending some time with us here at the National Centre for High Sensitivity for a 1-1 personal assessment. We will help you to make an assessment of: Your physical health, sleep, nutrition and fitness; Your lifestyle, career choices and interests; Your emotional health, relationships and wellbeing. You will come away with some advice, tips and inspiration, plus a better idea of how HSP fits with a better future for yourself and the important people in your life. Please call or email to book an assessment: the assessment takes a minimum of two hours and is scheduled Monday to Wednesday. Thursday or Friday are possible given plenty of notice. Since this is a thorough assessment please take into consideration that most HSPs function best in daylight hours, so a daytime appointment is advised where possible.

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Dr. Ted Zeff, has just written a new book entitled “The Strong, Sensitive Boy” which contains important information based on new research for people working with boys and parents who want to help their son become strong and sensitive in a world that does not appreciate sensitivity in males. The book is also helpful for sensitive men to heal their childhood wounds and for sensitive women to better understand how society treats sensitivity. Buy Ted Zeff's Book