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12th August 2022 
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Welcome to my mentoring practice specialising in support and development for Highly Sensitive People, Parents, Professionals, Employers and Family members. I offer information, one-to-one mentoring support, workshops and coaching for sensitive people, plus training for professionals as individuals or within organisations. See below to listen to Barbara in pod-casts and videos on a variety of topics related to high sensitivity. This work on high sensitivity is underpinned with information from the research and books of Dr Elaine Aron and I have received training directly from her on the science behind the modern understanding of sensory processing sensitivity. Coming from a background of twenty seven years supporting the growth and development of individuals, families and groups, I understand the unique challenges for anxious or stressed adults and children. I have insight into the relationship challenges that occur when one partner is naturally more sensitive or where work colleagues are struggling to understand each other’s needs or personal qualities. If you would like to hear me talk about various aspects of high sensitivity, you can go to this link to hear a two hour interview that I hope will inspire you to learn more about your trait. (The interview begins at minute 8).

Sometimes it helps to talk about things, and mentoring can be both informative and therapeutic. It offers the opportunity for periodic, supportive meetings, to draw on the life experience and knowledge of an experienced professional who has been walking the path of sensitive authenticity in relationships and in the workplace. Mentoring can help you identify areas for change and support you to reframe your stressful situation in a more positive context and secure those changes in place.

In 2010 I founded the National Centre for High Sensitivity in the UK, and have now semi-retired. I have a part time private practice, continuing to develop and promote the wellbeing of sensitive people on an individual and national level, both one-to-one and within organisations, and as a speaker on the topic of high sensitivity. I also create social and personal development events within which highly sensitive people can explore various elements of authentic sensitive living. My practice is based in Andover, Hampshire although I provide training and workshops for sensitive people and professionals throughout the UK, Europe and USA. You will find that face to face meetings offer the most benefit, but I do offer Skype or Zoom video calls or support by email.

Barbara’s annual leave 2022: 28 May to 4 June. All of July and August unless specifically arranged in advance. (30th August to mid
September 25th I will be working online only from the USA).

HSP events:

‘The No-nonsense HSP’ - the path to maturity for the highly sensitive person. A 30 minute video.

Go here to hear Barbara Allen being interviewed by Jennifer Sneeden on setting up a therapy practice on Mentoring support for highly sensitive therapists.

Go here for my YouTube videos about highly sensitive teenagers

Learn all about high sensitivity in this interview on ‘Real Health Radio’

Go HERE for a short arts film including an interview with me about self-care for highly sensitive people.

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To find out how mentoring might help you, or to make an appointment for an initial consultation, call or leave a message at Growing Unlimited on 0777 312 4854, or EMAIL


According to Dr Elaine Aron, at least 15% of any population are born with the trait of sensory processing sensitivity, being highly sensitive. Talking to highly sensitive adults, they often point to being misunderstood or misinterpreted by important professionals or family members, leading to failure to reach potential or even failure to thrive. At these workshops you will find out what SPS is and what it is not. Why it really matters that Highly sensitive children are understood. How to identify and support highly sensitive adults and children. Explore ways in which you could improve your practice. Above all else, you will come away with knowledge and inspiration, knowing you really can make a difference to the wellbeing, education and support of highly sensitive adults or children who have so much potential. If you would like in-house training, do contact me to discuss.

Barbara Allen
Founder, Senior Mentor and Trainer Growing Unlimited Therapeutic Consultancy (2002)
CPD training for counsellors and related professionals, on high sensitivity


If you prefer to make on-line payments for our work together, please pay by PayPal to growingunlimited at hotmail dot com, or email me for direct banking details.